A Sparkling Adventure Begins

Excitement was in the air as our group of Brownies and Guides gathered from various locations, all set for a unique adventure. The destination? The iconic Blackpool Tower, a place where dreams and dance intertwine. As the coach journeyed towards Blackpool, the buzz of anticipation grew among the girls, each eager for the unforgettable experience that awaited them.

The Magic of the Tower Circus

Upon arriving at Blackpool Tower, our first stop was the Tower Circus. The show was nothing short of spectacular, captivating us with its dazzling performances and breathtaking acts. The Brownies and Guides were completely enthralled, their eyes shining with wonder at the amazing talents on display.

A view of the ballroom from high up.

The Ballroom soon came to life.

Transforming into Dancing Stars

After the circus, it was time to return to the ballroom, a place steeped in history and elegance. In the spirit of ‘Strictly Come Dancing’, the girls donned their sparkly dresses, transforming into little stars ready to shine on the dance floor. The atmosphere was electric with excitement and glamour.

Brownies and Guides pose for pictures

Brownies and Guides pose on the dance floor.

A Night of Dance and Delight

The ballroom came alive as we hosted our very own ‘Strictly’ ballroom performances. The girls judged and scored each dance, embracing the fun and camaraderie of the event. Then, the moment they had all been waiting for – taking to the dance floor themselves! Laughter and music filled the air as they twirled and danced, creating memories that would last a lifetime.

Brownies and Guides dancing on the ballroom floor.

Brownies and Guides take to the Ballroom.

Dreams on the Dance Floor

As the night drew to a close, an extraordinary experience unfolded – sleeping on the dance floor of the Blackpool Tower Ballroom. Surrounded by the grandeur and history of the venue, the Brownies and Guides settled down for a night of dreams amidst the echoes of a thousand dances.

Sleeping bags cover the Blackpool Ballroom floor

A unique sleeping (or lack of) experience!

A Morning of Exploration

The next morning brought free time to explore the delights of Blackpool. The girls enjoyed the beach, the bustling shops, and the vibrant atmosphere of the town, each moment adding to the tapestry of their adventure.

An Exclusive Encounter at Sea Life Centre

Before returning home, we had one last treat – an exclusive visit to the Sea Life Centre. This behind-the-scenes experience was both educational and exciting, offering a glimpse into the wonders of marine life.

Brownies gasp at the amazing scenes in the Sealife Centre

Brownies are captivated by the underwater world in the Sea Life Centre.

Homeward Bound with Hearts Full of Joy

As we boarded the coach to return home, the chatter was all about the incredible experiences of the past two days. The Brownies and Guides shared stories and laughter, their faces aglow with the joy of the adventure.


Our sleepover at the Blackpool Tower Ballroom was more than just an event; it was a journey into a world of wonder, dance, and discovery. For our Brownies and Guides, it was an experience that epitomized the magic of youth and the joy of shared adventures.

This unforgettable experience would not have been possible without the dedication and hard work of our volunteers and organizers. Their commitment to creating these magical moments for the girls is truly commendable. A heartfelt thank you goes out to each and every one of them for giving up their time and ensuring that this event was not only successful but also a cherished memory for all involved. Their efforts remind us of the incredible impact that thoughtful planning and a passion for enriching young lives can have.