The weekend of 9th and 10th December was a memorable one for Girlguiding Lancashire South East, as members took over local cinemas for an exclusive showing of Disney’s latest heartwarming film, ‘Wish’. The atmosphere was electric with excitement as girls of all ages came together, creating a chorus of laughter and song, while enjoying an abundance of sweets in the spirit of true movie-watching tradition.


But the event was not just about entertainment. It was also a moment of pride and celebration for our community. At Sandbrook Park, Rochdale, the screening concluded with a touching ceremony. Deputy Region Chief Commissioner, Kathryn Qattan, made a special appearance to honour one of our own. In a heartfelt presentation, she awarded Sarah Lemonofides the Chief Commissioner’s Award.


Sarah, known for her tireless dedication and passion for Girlguiding, received this prestigious award in recognition of her exemplary service to Girlguiding North West England. Her achievements and contributions have been instrumental in enriching the experiences of many within our guiding community.


This event was more than a movie screening; it was a testament to the spirit of Girlguiding – celebrating joy, fostering community, and recognising the outstanding contributions of our volunteers. It reminds us all of the impact we can make and the joy we can bring to the lives of young girls and fellow volunteers