Celebrating in Style: Brownies’ Grand Blackpool Adventure!

This weekend was one for the books as 9th and 4th Heywood Brownies took over Blackpool in a whirlwind of excitement and adventure, celebrating a monumental 50 years of friendship, fun, and unforgettable memories at 9th Heywood Brownies!

A Night Under the Sea

The festivities kicked off on Saturday afternoon when a coach-load of enthusiastic Brownies, buzzing with anticipation, left their parents behind and departed for Blackpool. Their first stop? The mesmerising Sealife Centre, where they were treated to an insider’s look at the aquatic wonders of the deep blue. The centre offered more than just visuals; it was an interactive educational journey. The Brownies had the chance to touch and learn about various sea creatures in the rock pools, listen to informative talks, and discover fascinating facts about marine life. But the real thrill was the sleepover—imagine snoozing in tunnels beneath the shark-infested waters, brimmed with the graceful dance of fish and rays. Truly a night under the sea that offered both excitement and learning in equal measure, and a severe lack of sleep for some!

Dino Golf, Seaside Sun and Chicken Nuggets

The morning brought new adventures, the toughest of which was getting everyone awake and packed up! A brisk walk along the breezy prom, the Brownies made it to the tower and teed off at Mini Dino Golf in Blackpool Tower, navigating the prehistoric putts with glee. I am sure there were several golfing rules broken, but the Brownies soon made up their own games! With the weather brightening up, they then sauntered down to the lively Blackpool Promenade for some free time, soaking up the sun and seaside vibes before a quick bite at McDonald’s refuelled the group before the afternoon’s highlight.

Sugar-fuelled Circus Laughs

After lunch, we awaited the opportunity to enter the famous Blackpool Circus, finding our reserved seats just behind the VIP front row. Noticing a few Brownies (shockingly, the ones who didn’t sleep) starting to succumb to tiredness, the sugar-reserves came into play. A mixture of chocolate and sweets soon bucked them up to enjoy a laughter-filled performance at the Circus, complete with a special shoutout from the clowns that had everyone beaming!


As Sunday evening rolled around, our joyful band of Brownies boarded the coach back to Heywood, hearts full and spirits high, marking the end of our wonderful weekend in Blackpool. The final surprise of the weekend being that only 9 Brownies fell asleep on the way home!