One Year Celebrations – A New Term

One Year Celebrations – A New Term

A Big Thank You to Our Girlguiding Superstars!

Hey everyone,

We recently had a very special afternoon that was all about saying a massive “thank you” to our amazing volunteers on our County Team within Girlguiding Lancashire South East. This was held to coincide with the one-year anniversary of our new County Commissioner Team! It was Nicola, Catherine & Emma’s way of showing appreciation back to all those volunteers who give so much of their time, energy, and heart to make everything we do possible.

Celebrating Milestones and Achievements

First off, we’ve got to give a shout-out to our long-service award winners. Can you believe Linda Briggs has been with us for 50 incredible years? And we’ve got Chris Joyce, Pat Caldwell, Val Roscoe, and Teresa Stott hitting the 40-year mark – wow! Not to forget Hayley Cowling and Sarah Lemonofides at 30 years, and Karen Jackson and Jacqui Ogden celebrating 20 years. Even our newer volunteers like Vicky Adam are making their mark at 5 years. Each of you is what makes Girlguiding so special.

Special Shout-outs

We also had some pretty awesome special awards. Rosa Brierley was presented with the Queen’s Guide Award – that’s no small feat, and we’re all super proud of her. And Sarah Lemonofides, not only did you hit a milestone for long service, but you also received the Region Chief Commissioner Award. Talk about a double win!

Thanks to Our County Team

Our County Team deserves a massive thanks, too. Lynne, Jane, Lyndsey, Lis, Valerie, Anna, Wendy, Maria, Jayne, Julie, and Charlotte – your dedication shown over the years is the backbone of the team. And hey, let’s not forget the Team of the Year – Girl Experience Team: Sandra, Hayley, Kathryn, Sue, Helen, and Cathy. You ladies rock!

Why This Matters

These awards aren’t just about the years put in or the accolades; they’re about the adventures, the challenges, and the countless lives each of our volunteers has touched. Whether you are a Unit Helper, Leader, Mentor, Commissioner or Adviser – it’s all possible because of you.

We wanted our ‘Thank You’ event to share the achievements of working as one team and that all we can do is Promise to do our Best! Whether it’s guiding our Rainbows, Brownies, Guides, Rangers, or Inspire members, you’re making a real difference. And in doing so, you’re not just helping girls and young women grow; you’re shaping the future.

Here’s to You!

So, here’s to you, our guiding stars, for all the laughs, the lessons, and the memories. Here’s to more adventures, more learning, and more moments where we all get to shine together.

Thanks for everything you do, and here’s to many more years of making a difference together. You’re all superstars in our eyes.

A Weekend of Disney Magic and Recognition

A Weekend of Disney Magic and Recognition

The weekend of 9th and 10th December was a memorable one for Girlguiding Lancashire South East, as members took over local cinemas for an exclusive showing of Disney’s latest heartwarming film, ‘Wish’. The atmosphere was electric with excitement as girls of all ages came together, creating a chorus of laughter and song, while enjoying an abundance of sweets in the spirit of true movie-watching tradition.


But the event was not just about entertainment. It was also a moment of pride and celebration for our community. At Sandbrook Park, Rochdale, the screening concluded with a touching ceremony. Deputy Region Chief Commissioner, Kathryn Qattan, made a special appearance to honour one of our own. In a heartfelt presentation, she awarded Sarah Lemonofides the Chief Commissioner’s Award.


Sarah, known for her tireless dedication and passion for Girlguiding, received this prestigious award in recognition of her exemplary service to Girlguiding North West England. Her achievements and contributions have been instrumental in enriching the experiences of many within our guiding community.


This event was more than a movie screening; it was a testament to the spirit of Girlguiding – celebrating joy, fostering community, and recognising the outstanding contributions of our volunteers. It reminds us all of the impact we can make and the joy we can bring to the lives of young girls and fellow volunteers

A Magical Journey to Gulliver’s World: A Rainbow Adventure

A Magical Journey to Gulliver’s World: A Rainbow Adventure


A Day of Delight at Gulliver’s World, Warrington

The air was filled with excitement and anticipation as our group of Rainbows, aged between 5 and 7, embarked on a coach journey to Gulliver’s World in Warrington. Their eyes sparkled with the promise of a Christmas adventure, a day where fun and magic would blend seamlessly.

Thrills and Laughs in a Theme Park Wonderland

Upon arrival, Gulliver’s World unfolded before us like a storybook come to life. The Rainbows, bubbling with energy, dived into the heart of the theme park. Each ride brought a new wave of laughter and shrieks of joy. From the gentle sway of the carousel to the thrilling spins of the roller coasters, every moment was a treasure trove of joy and excitement. 

Rainbow's on a carousel

Rainbow’s riding on the carousel.

A Feast Under the Setting Sun

As the sun began to dip below the horizon, painting the sky in hues of orange and pink, we gathered for a packed dinner. The Rainbows, with stories of their adventures, chattered animatedly. Their faces, lit by the fading sunlight, were a picture of contentment and camaraderie.

A Walk Through the Enchanting Land of Lights

With nightfall, we embarked on an extraordinary walk through the Land of Lights. This was no ordinary stroll; it was a journey through a luminous wonderland. Hundreds of lights twinkled and danced in the darkness, guiding our path. The Rainbows, wide-eyed and awestruck, wandered through this glowing landscape, each light telling its own silent story.

Land of Lights at Gulliver's World Entrance

The entrance to the Land of Lights at Gulliver’s World

The Santa Express to a Magical Encounter

The highlight of the evening was the Santa Express, a charming train ride that chugged its way to Santa’s Workshop and Grotto. The anticipation in the air was palpable as we neared our destination.

Inside Santa's Workshop and Grotto

Rainbow’s make their way through Santa’s Workshop

A Visit to Santa’s Workshop

At the workshop, we were greeted by the cheerful elves and the warm smile of Mrs. Claus. The atmosphere was electric with the magic of Christmas. Then, the moment the Rainbows had been eagerly awaiting – meeting Santa Claus. Their faces lit up with joy as they spoke to Santa, sharing their wishes for Christmas and receiving a special present. The magic of the moment was a heartwarming sight to behold.

Rainbow's meet Santa

Rainbow’s finally meet Santa and talk about Christmas

Homeward Bound with Hearts Full of Memories

As we boarded the coach for our return journey, a few Rainbows, exhausted from the day’s adventures, succumbed to tiredness, their dreams undoubtedly filled with the day’s magical moments. The coach was a quiet haven of sleepy satisfaction.

A Heartfelt Thanks to the Unsung Heroes

This unforgettable day would not have been possible without the dedication and hard work of the organisers and volunteers. Their commitment to creating a magical experience for the Rainbows deserves our deepest gratitude. Their efforts remind us that the spirit of giving and joy is what truly makes the holiday season special.


Our trip to Gulliver’s World was more than just a day out; it was a journey into the heart of childhood wonder. It reminded us of the simple joys of laughter, the excitement of new experiences, and the magic of Christmas lights. For our Rainbows, it was an adventure they will cherish for years to come.



A Night to Remember: Brownies and Guides at the Blackpool Tower Ballroom

A Night to Remember: Brownies and Guides at the Blackpool Tower Ballroom

A Sparkling Adventure Begins

Excitement was in the air as our group of Brownies and Guides gathered from various locations, all set for a unique adventure. The destination? The iconic Blackpool Tower, a place where dreams and dance intertwine. As the coach journeyed towards Blackpool, the buzz of anticipation grew among the girls, each eager for the unforgettable experience that awaited them.

The Magic of the Tower Circus

Upon arriving at Blackpool Tower, our first stop was the Tower Circus. The show was nothing short of spectacular, captivating us with its dazzling performances and breathtaking acts. The Brownies and Guides were completely enthralled, their eyes shining with wonder at the amazing talents on display.

A view of the ballroom from high up.

The Ballroom soon came to life.

Transforming into Dancing Stars

After the circus, it was time to return to the ballroom, a place steeped in history and elegance. In the spirit of ‘Strictly Come Dancing’, the girls donned their sparkly dresses, transforming into little stars ready to shine on the dance floor. The atmosphere was electric with excitement and glamour.

Brownies and Guides pose for pictures

Brownies and Guides pose on the dance floor.

A Night of Dance and Delight

The ballroom came alive as we hosted our very own ‘Strictly’ ballroom performances. The girls judged and scored each dance, embracing the fun and camaraderie of the event. Then, the moment they had all been waiting for – taking to the dance floor themselves! Laughter and music filled the air as they twirled and danced, creating memories that would last a lifetime.

Brownies and Guides dancing on the ballroom floor.

Brownies and Guides take to the Ballroom.

Dreams on the Dance Floor

As the night drew to a close, an extraordinary experience unfolded – sleeping on the dance floor of the Blackpool Tower Ballroom. Surrounded by the grandeur and history of the venue, the Brownies and Guides settled down for a night of dreams amidst the echoes of a thousand dances.

Sleeping bags cover the Blackpool Ballroom floor

A unique sleeping (or lack of) experience!

A Morning of Exploration

The next morning brought free time to explore the delights of Blackpool. The girls enjoyed the beach, the bustling shops, and the vibrant atmosphere of the town, each moment adding to the tapestry of their adventure.

An Exclusive Encounter at Sea Life Centre

Before returning home, we had one last treat – an exclusive visit to the Sea Life Centre. This behind-the-scenes experience was both educational and exciting, offering a glimpse into the wonders of marine life.

Brownies gasp at the amazing scenes in the Sealife Centre

Brownies are captivated by the underwater world in the Sea Life Centre.

Homeward Bound with Hearts Full of Joy

As we boarded the coach to return home, the chatter was all about the incredible experiences of the past two days. The Brownies and Guides shared stories and laughter, their faces aglow with the joy of the adventure.


Our sleepover at the Blackpool Tower Ballroom was more than just an event; it was a journey into a world of wonder, dance, and discovery. For our Brownies and Guides, it was an experience that epitomized the magic of youth and the joy of shared adventures.

This unforgettable experience would not have been possible without the dedication and hard work of our volunteers and organizers. Their commitment to creating these magical moments for the girls is truly commendable. A heartfelt thank you goes out to each and every one of them for giving up their time and ensuring that this event was not only successful but also a cherished memory for all involved. Their efforts remind us of the incredible impact that thoughtful planning and a passion for enriching young lives can have.


Welcome! County Commissioner Update

Welcome! County Commissioner Update

Hello Everyone

WOW what a busy three months it has been as County Commissioner!

I attended Girlguiding North West Region for my induction at the beginning of February where I was excited to meet the Region Chief, Deputy, Assistant, and the support staff.  It was my proudest moment being presented with my commissioner badge and a little plaque ‘I promise that I will do my best’ which I will treasure and is a great reminder of what we all do.

There have been lots and lots of new appointments to the County Team, and I would like to thank all those who have continued in their roles as well.

We now have a County Commissioner Team and I welcome Catherine as the Deputy County Commissioner and Emma as the Assistant County Commissioner.

You can find all the County roles on our updated ‘Meet the Team’ page and I would personally like to thank each and every one of you for accepting these roles – you will all be amazing!

There are still have lots of vacant roles and these will start to be advertised over the next coming weeks. If you are interested, please contact me.

It was a quick start with Subscriptions and thank you to everyone for making sure all invoices were paid on time.

Then onto County Intops information and selection process and I’m so pleased to announce that three Rangers – Safiya, Thea & Erin – have been selected to attend North West England’s INToPS 2024 to the NASA themed USA trip which is absolutely fantastic news! We also have Rosa who is attending Canada and Freya who is attending Japan this year too! I can’t wait to hear all about their experience and adventures.

There has been a rebrand! And so has our website! You can now meet the County Team and see how your unit fits in the Lancashire South East family. There is updated news – don’t forget to send us any activities you are doing with your unit so we can share with everyone. There is a new calendar which shows all the meetings and events taking place. And there will be a new blog by me every month too!

I attended the NW Region Conference together with invited members of the County. We all enjoyed a day of relaxation which included Reiki, Worry Knots and a Gong Spa. It was an amazing day of fun, laughter and getting together again which certainly recharged us all.

Rochdale West AGM

I had the pleasure of attending Rochdale West Division AGM and it was lovely to hear from Lynn Division Commissioner with what all sections had been up over the past year.  I was delighted to present many volunteers with over 200 years of long service awards and in the words of Lynn please carry on!


Bury North Division Meeting

I was delighted to get an invite to Bury North Division meeting by Karen Division Commissioner and it was great to see so many volunteers catching up and also receiving long service awards.

We have introduced ‘Cake with your County Team’ for any queries relating to Leadership Qualifications, DBS checks, Levels 1 & 2 Safe Space, any REN enquiries or just for a general catch up and introduction!  We held our first one on Saturday 29 April and it was an amazing success with lots of members popping in to get signed off with Leadership Qualification, Modules 1 and 4, help with getting set up on GO and the Learning Platform.  It was lovely to meet and catch up so many of you and the cake was lovely too!  Our next one is scheduled for Saturday, 3 June, keep your eyes peeled for the venue.

Trefoil 80th Birthday Celebrations

I was also invited to join the Lancashire South East Trefoil members in their 80th Birthday celebrations. We danced a Ceilidh and local band Oakenhoof provided the music.

And finally, Kathryn launched our new Queens Guide Award and we now have at least 10 volunteers interested in working towards this prestigious Girlguiding award.

Did you know we are now on Facebook InstagramTwitter? Please see below the handles for all social media and keep posting those photos and tagging us in, it’s so nice to see what you are all up to and also to spread the word in our wider communities.

I would like to end with a massive ‘THANK YOU’ to each and every one of you for your continued support within the County and I look forward to meeting many of you over the next few months 😊😊😊😊😊😊

— Nicola Robinson, County Commissioner


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