Video Diary Room DVD

The Brownies of Rochdale East Division enjoyed a fabulous Saturday when they experienced being ‘a Guide for a day’.  The theme of the event was “I’m a Guide… Get me out of here!”  Fortunately, there were no insects to eat, instead the patrols did a series of challenges based on the Guide Go For Its; amongst other things they built a water carrier, made face masks and guided each other blindfold through the woods.  All of these exciting activities that the Brownies took part in were uniquely varied, but were enjoyed by both the Brownies, and the Guides, Young Leaders and Brownie leaders who were kind enough to come and support the event.  We were very lucky to have the help of local Guides aged 11 years who were Patrol Leaders for the day, and a Service Crew made up of Guides who were 13-14 years old.  At each challenge station the Brownies earned ‘money’ called Trefoils.  These trefoils could be used in the “I’m a Guide…” shop to purchase wood, kindling, matches, pans and food; the girls’ Ultimate Challenge was to cook a meal for themselves on an open fire.  The Brownies worked very hard at all the challenges but still found time to relax and record their thoughts in the Video Diary Room. We all need some space without boys around sometimes! With Girlguiding UK girls can just be themselves – making friends, learning new skills and having fun.

Shauna from 24th Rochdale (Smithy Bridge) Brownies was very excited at the lead up to the challenge day.  “I can’t wait for the day to arrive!  I’ve loved being a Brownie but now that I’m nearly 10 I feel that I’m ready for the move up to Guides.  I’ve heard that they do lots of exciting things.”  After the “I’m a Guide…” day, Shauna said “It was even better than I’d imagined.  There were so many brilliant things to do, I can’t choose my favourite.  I start guides next Monday and can’t wait!”

Girls like to talk, and in guiding we encourage them to tell other people about the things that matter to them.

Ollie, aged 10 from 44th Rochdale (Wardle) Guides, was invited to come along as a Patrol Leader for the day.  “Before the event, I thought I didn’t have the confidence to be a Patrol Leader but I amazed myself!  Once I got over my initial nerves I was fine.  My patrol worked really well together and earned 162 trefoils which bought us enough food and equipment to complete the Ultimate Challenge”.

“I was lucky enough to be chosen to be one of the Service Crew and was put in charge of the Peace Challenge.  I had to explain to the girls what they had to do and help them out if they got stuck.  The day gave me a real taste of what it would be like to be a leader.” said Ellie also from 44th Rochdale Guides. Girlguiding UK enables girls & young women to develop their potential and to make a difference.

The event had been organised as a pilot as part of our County’s initiative to encourage Brownies to move on to Guides when they reached 10.  It was a great success with six Brownies moving immediately onto Guides and many more putting their names on the Waiting to Join list so that they could move up as soon as they are 10. This is what we want for all of our girls, so it is important to demonstrate to them that being a Guide is entertaining and exciting! Girls lead the way in guiding, so the activities are what they want to do.

It was an extremely successful day, the format and resources of which have now been offered to the other Divisions in our County so that they can run their own events. The Brownies loved it so much that it certainly looks like becoming a regular feature in the Rochdale East calendar.

The photos were taken by our County Photographer, Ellen Kershaw.