Isn’t half term lovely?!  A chance to catch up on some paperwork, clear lots of emails and it’s Springwatch which means I get a daily fix of wildlife watching from the warmth and comfort of my sofa!

Some of you might have been pinged an email today – I’ve been looking on Join Us at the outstanding enquiries.  I’m at the Region Exec meeting next weekend and know that they’ll ask about our numbers so I am trying to get one step ahead.  Your help and support at moving some of the enquiries along would be very much appreciated.

Check out the County Facebook page; this week there have been a lot of opportunities posted.

The Walking Group had an outing on Wednesday evening.  It was my turn to lead the walk and, of course, it had to rain!  Fortunately it dried up soon after we’d set off, and there was only one person in the group to slip in the mud… and that was me!

In advance of next week, I’d like to wish you a very Happy Volunteers’ Week, and thank you for all you do for guiding in Lancs South East.