I met the lovely leaders of Tottington on Monday when I took part in their District Meeting.  Another Meeting Night on Tuesday but this time it was the County Exec.  I came away from both these meetings feeling really enthused about Girlguiding in Lancashire South East.  We are so fortunate to have such wonderful volunteers who provide fabulous opportunities for our young members, both in weekly meetings and by providing County-run events.

Unfortunately, the week ended with some disappointment when I checked on the number of members in the County… this figure has dropped by over 200 since the trial invoices were made available in early January.  I strongly believe that there are girls and volunteers not recorded on Go! because I know guiding in Lancs South East is thriving.  I would urge everyone to check their data thoroughly. The total bill for running Girlguiding is shared equally across all members, so the more members we have the less each of us has to pay.  I equate it to the extra £30 each of us pay in car insurance to cover the uninsured drivers.

Next weekend is Thinking Day and I’m really excited about visiting Saddleworth District to join in their celebrations which will include a visit from one of the Region Chiefs who is taking a tour to ‘light up the North West’.

It’s half term now, so time to recharge my batteries and have some family time.  I hope you have a good week too.