Since my last blog, I’ve had a delicious Afternoon Tea with the ladies of Tottington, as part of a fundraising event for the Guides and Rangers who are going to Slovakia later this year.  My son was delighted when I arrived home with a plate of cakes!  I’m looking forward to hearing about their adventures in August.

It’s been back to Rainbows and Brownies this week (after the Easter break) and it’s great to see the girls again.  At Rainbows we added Mentos to Coke to make a fountain.  As the Coke bottles got bigger, the Rainbows dared me to add even greater numbers of mints, to see what the highest spurt would be.  They ran for cover with squeals of delight as I got covered in the sticky liquid. I muttered to Amy (the other leader), “glad I didn’t put Bacardi in the Coke”, to which a Rainbow piped up “yeh, you wouldn’t want to put your cardi’ in there!”.  Priceless!

Leaders’ Day is almost here.  We’ve almost emptied the lock up, and loaded a couple of cars with equipment, resources and goodies, in readiness for our big training day tomorrow.  All the preparations are done and I’m really looking forward to a great Leaders’ Day.

Friday evening – time to put my feet up!