This is my first attempt at a blog (no actually, it’s the second but my tablet crashed during writing the first – not happy!) so any feedback is greatly appreciated, even if it is TLDR.

Monday morning started well with a haircut, but swiftly went into a nose-dive when my husband accidentally took my car keys to work with him. Consequently, I was late for work myself which just totally messed up the day. In the evening, I visited 101st Rochdale Guides who had invited me to be a judge in their Great British Bake Off. I toyed with the idea of dressing up but decided to leave my floral Mary Berry-style jacket at home. My fellow judge, Division Commissioner Lyndsey Hendry, and I, had a tough time eating our way through the 9 entries, as you can imagine!

Tuesday evening was our County Exec Meeting. I went armed with scrummy cakes (seems to be an eating theme emerging!) and piles of reports and information to share. I always come away from this meeting feeling positive and inspired by the passion and enthusiasm of my fellow committee members.
Wednesday evening was an informal chat with 3 District Commissioner Designates who I was meeting in order to them ‘sign off’ so they would become fully fledged District Commissioners. This is one of the things I love most about my role – meeting with Commissioners who are dedicated and committed to making local guiding great.

Thursday and Friday are my non-works days so it’s an opportunity for me to catch up on paperwork and emails. This week’s tasks included searching online for t-shirts for the County Advisers to wear at Leaders’ Day (you’ll need to come along to the day on 25 April to see the finished article – Leaders’ Day, doing a mail shot to try and recruit some new Rainbow Leaders for Bury North, preparing for a Complaint Investigation Meeting (☹) and putting some costings together for a County B-P Adventure Weekend, County Rainbow Event and the sale of some badges on eBay.

All in all, a typical week with a bit too much eating!