By Michelle Dixon

Early Sunday morning 23 Rainbows and 2 Brownies from across 2 Oldham Units (43rd & 48th Oldham) met at Mills Hill train station to set off on a trip to Eureka! Halifax. 

The girls all paired up, were told which leader would be looking after their group, then, after countless headcounting and double checking, we boarded the train, along with their packed lunches. 

Some girls had not ridden on a train before and the journey itself was exciting. 

The staff at Eureka! were amazing and had everything in hand meaning our arrival was seamless. The girls had lots of fun in the supermarket, it was like supermarket sweep! 

They also enjoyed the interactive arcade games, Eureka! had also installed hand sanitizer stations and the beginning of every exhibit. We all had a fabulous day and the girls were very tired when need arrived back at the station to meet their parents.

Update February 2021: We did not know then that this would be our last trip for over a year.