26th Rochdale Brownies have recently taken part in their first Zumba class with instructor and fellow leader from Oldham West,  Lisa Rylands. The brownies, parents, young leaders and leaders had a hour of fun whilst burning some calories.  The girls had a great time trying to keep in time to the music, there was some dancing in long lines filling our hall and then a huge circle so they could join together for the warm down at the end.
The girls had an amazing evening and somehow still had enough energy for a game of tig afterwards! Leaders could not understand where they get their energy from as they collapsed in the corner with wobbly legs!
Brownie Leader, Fiona Wilson said “I was unsure if I could do a whole class as I am unfit, but amazed myself by enjoying it so much I completed the whole session, and could still walk the next day!, there is a zumba class held at Butterworth Hall each week, myself and some of the other leaders and parents are thinking about joining.  It’s a brilliant fun way to exercise”
Author; Fiona Wilson, 26th Rochdale Brownies