The COVID-19 pandemic has been tough for us all, making us feel more isolated. Girlguiding has brought us together again through the means of Zoom.

It is often that Leaders who go off to university miss out on all the crazy, fun activities we do in our units. But, as we’re online, Leaders can still join in whilst across the country doing their studies.

A leader from 26th Oldham has shared their thoughts:

“Guiding has been a brilliant part of my life since being a Rainbow, so whilst moving away to university was exciting, it felt strange to not be involved with my unit weekly meetings. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, my unit adapted very quickly and have continued meetings over zoom throughout the entire pandemic. This meant that I could be a more active part of planning and leading activities again and gave me something fun to look forward to as my social life came to a halt in the first lockdown. When unit meetings go back to being carried out in person, I now have the option to join in over zoom when I am at university which I am looking forward to!”