Our Brownie Records night is a yearly event for Heywood 1st All Souls Brownies. We do it as a sponsored fundraiser to raise funds for census.

The records tend to go over two weeks so everyone gets a go and we can fit everything in. The records include ‘Marshmellow mouth’, where girls have to see how many marsh mellows they can fit in their mouths at once. We try to beat the records set the year before but do 1st and 2nd awards for the highest for this years. Our reining champ for ‘Marshmellow mouth’ is last years winner Olivia Conway-Williams with 15!

Lucy Kilduff age 8, said “I loved trying to break all the records, my favourite part was when I got to stuff my mouth with marshmallows”

Other challenges include the ‘One Minuet Ferrero Rochers Challenge’ featured on Britain’s Got Talent a few years ago. Our highest score held by a few Brownies is 3, although Brown Owl Diana Kilduff can do 4!

There’s ‘Hats Fun’, where girls see how many hats they can balance on their heads at one time, once the hats fall, that’s it! Our highest score was 15 by a Brownie from last year whose now moved to Guides. Then we have our ‘handstand challenge’, for the longest handstand, again the champ is a fellow¬†Brownie, now a Guide with a time of 3.9 seconds.

We have a blind folded kick off, best of 3 shots, the winning score so far is 2 and lastly we have the ‘Balloon Pop’, we fill the room with 100 balloons and see how quick the Brownies can pop them. We beat last years time of 46.03 seconds with 38.01 seconds. The girls have a great time and cheer each other on. They look forward to it every year.

Heidi Kelly, age 8 says “I think the record night was really fun and exciting. The best parts were eating the Ferrero Rochers and popping all the balloons. I was really happy to get 2nd place in the hat competition with 12 hats! Can’t wait for next year.”

author; Katie Haigh Tawny Owl. All Saints Brownies