Members of 1st Heywood (All Souls) Brownies, and St Luke’s Cubs, held a joint event based on the popular TV programme Take Me Out to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Just like the famous show, hosted by Paddy McGuiness – the cubs would come out to music of their choice, and tell the Brownies a little more about themselves, and maybe even showcase a talent they have. The Brownies used their ‘lights on/lights off’ cards to show whether they would like to get to know the Cub better. The roles were also reversed, with some of the girls climbing into the hot-seat and introducing themselves to the Cubs.

Obviously the budget for Brownies and Cubs does not stretch to a date on the Isle of Fernando… so instead, the ‘couples’ would decorate heart shaped biscuits together and have a glass of fizzy pop!

Brownie Leader Katie Haigh said: “This is the third Take Me Out event we have had, and it’s a lovely way to celebrate Valentine’s Day with our groups. It gives members of local Guiding and Scouting a chance to work together and get to know each other – as well as developing communication skills in the children”.

Heidi, aged 8 said: “I think Take Me Out was fun, it was good to see other people’s talents, who we didn’t know and it’s nice to dress up!”

A great story from the evening is that of Cub Rhys, age 9, has chosen the same Brownie, Lucy, age 8, for three years in a row. Lucy said: “Take Me Out night was super amazing especially when we got to have lemonade and decorate biscuits – but my favourite bit was when I got a rose from Rhys”.

Girlguiding gives girls and young women their own space to have fun, be themselves, and build brilliant friendships.