Most of the Leaders who have been in our County for the past few years will know me as the Outdoor Activities Advisor which was a job I absolutely loved.  So when I had finished in that job I never expected to be asked to be the Go! Co-ordinator and be in charge of Go! for our County.

I have been in Guiding for nearly 40 years and had Units in Guides, Brownies and for a short time Rainbows; I have been District Commissioner for Saddleworth, Oldham East Camp Advisor and of course been County Outdoor Activities Advisor for more years than you are allowed to be.

My other hobby is Crown Green Bowling and I am a member of 4 teams. All these teams have done well this year. My other passion is my family.

I help at Saddleworth WRVS, with the luncheon club, at a Primary school where I go to help year 1 with reading and I am a member of Manchester Volunteers which started with the Commonwealth Games in Manchester.  I help as a Steward at lots of venues and sporting events in and around Manchester.

I am retired now, as you can see by all of the above activities, so, maybe, County thought I had some time on my hands to Co-ordinate Go! which I will do to be best of my ability and thank them for giving me this chance because it will show that an old person (fingers crossed) can work a computer as well as a young one.