I’ve been a member of Guiding for about 13 years now; I joined Brownies at 7, then went on to Guides and became a Brownies Young Leader at 14. I gained my leadership qualification at 18, just ready to go off to University in Lancaster and keep going to Brownies there! I now alternate between Brownies in Lancaster, where I’m also a Student co-ordinator, and here in Lancs SE depending whether I’m at Uni or home. I’m now also a proud Queen’s Guide and show no signs of losing enthusiasm yet, I love spreading the fantastic things we do within Girlguiding.
My role within the team is to send out the monthly email newsletter, so people send their stories across and I input them into the newsletter software and send it out to all members across Lancashire South East at the beginning of every month to update them with County news, National news, vacancies, important dates and much more.