I have been a Guide Leader for over 20 years, at the same unit as I was a Brownie, a Guide, Queen Guide and a Young Leader, I occasionally help on Pack Holidays and recently finished as District Commissioner.

I am married to a wonderful husband who’s a Scout Leader and he’s very supportive (although I don’t think he has much choice),  I have 2 children, a Brownie and a Scout.  As a family we are very passionate about both Scouting & Guiding as both sets of parents and brothers and sisters have been involved.
Being appointed for this position is an honour and I am very keen to work with everyone concerned.  I do believe there is no “I” in “TEAM” we all need each other, we can all help and support each other that’s what “Guiding” is all about.
My aim to make sure we know who our Young Leaders are and to ensure they are nurtured and supported as much as possible.
Remember Young Leaders are our future Leaders, we NEED them to enable guiding to grow.