Another busy week. I feel I should be adopted by Oldham East Division because I seem to have spent most of my week with them.
Monday was the joint AGM of Oldham East and Oldham West Divisions – ACE (Annual Celebration Evening) at Heyside Cricket Club. We enjoyed a fabulous presentation by Senior Section member, Eleanor Prince who had been selected for an international trip to Armenia. She showed us some great pics and chatted, very amusingly, about her adventures.
The leaders from Royton District were out in force. And it was great to catch up with the ladies from Diggle (my old stomping ground).

Tuesday was Oldham East’s Division Exec. I normally don’t attend Division Meetings but was going along this time because I am mentoring one of their District Commissioners, Carrie Boyce from Shaw. It was an inspiring meeting with some great plans being discussed on how they were going to grow guiding across the division during 2015.

Wednesday was an evening at home pulling off some stats on Membership and Join Us – it’s good to get my ‘fix’ of data extraction! Great news – we have grown by members 113 since the count at Subscriptions!

To finish a very positive week… I’m still spiralling!