I’m getting the hang of this blogging and am quite enjoying it!

Even though it is the Easter hols and my Rainbow and Brownie Units aren’t meeting, it has still been hectic at Chez County Commissioner.

It’s been busy with Residential Notification Forms coming in (at the last minute I hasten to add! – tut tut!), but it is great to hear that our girls are getting out of the meeting place, even if it is only for a sleepover down the road – that’s still an adventure for a 5 year old!

I’ve had a couple of enquiries (from both inside and outside of the county) to investigate service history which is not recorded on Go!.  I am always amazed at the variety of roles volunteers have held… all over the country, and for some, all over the world.  I’m passionate that every volunteer should be recognised for all they do for our charity so it is a pleasure to help discover overlooked appointments.

County Leaders’ Day (Saturday 25 April) is almost upon us, and Wednesday evening was a chance to visit the Oasis Academy again to go over our final plans and check everything is in place for our big day.  This will be our first year with a crèche, so if you can’t find me on the day, check out the children’s play area.  I’ll be the one up to my armpits in paint!

Thursday was a day of lists.  I made lots of lists… then took lots of action (emails, phone calls, trip to the shops etc), which meant I could cross lots off my lists too – ended up feeling very satisfied.  We’ve got lots of exciting things coming up so you need to keep reading my blog to find out the next instalment.

Friday afternoon was a meeting with various County Advisers and Jess Timperley, the Chair of Youth Voice.  We discussed the County’s plans for the Senior Section Centenary in 2016.  Seems an age away, but we need to get planning because it will be here before we know it.  I will leave Jess (and your Senior Section representatives on Youth Voice) to let you all know what is in the pipeline – needless to say, it’s gonna be fabulous!